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S E L F - S E R V E   O P T I O N S

S e l f - S e r v e   B a t h i n g

Mid-Week Special - Tue, Wed, Thu

Regular Bath (1-50lbs) 


Regular Bath (50+ lbs)





S e l f - S e r v e   G r o o m i n g


Self-Serve Clipper Rental 

     All breeds/sizes, unlimited time,

various blades provided


S e l f - S e r v e   T u b s

There are five self-serve tubs at each location that will accommodate any size dog—no need to bring any supplies. We'll supply everything you'll need to leave with a clean doggie.

S e l f  - S e r v e   G r o o m i n g

There are two grooming stations at each location to give your dog a haircut.  We supply clippers, brushes, combs, scissors, and a variety of blades

Looking for a pro? Check out our professional groomers page!

Boise Ave

Five Mile

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