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S E L F - S E R V E   O P T I O N S

S e l f - S e r v e   P r i c i n g

Self-Serve Wash - up to 50 pounds                 $17

Self-Serve Wash - over 50 pounds                  $20

Self-Serve Special - Tue, Wed, Thu                  $14

Self-Serve Use of Clippers                                $14

Self-Serve Clippers without Bath                   $20

S e l f - S e r v e   T u b s

There are five large self serve tubs at each location that will accomodate any size dirty dog.  No need to bring any supplies. We'll supply everything you'll need to leave with a clean doggie.

S e l f  - S e r v e   G r o o m i n g

There are two grooming stations at each location to give your dog a haicut.  If you're not able to do your doggies do, call to set up a grooming appointment with one of our pros.

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